Saturday, May 26, 2007

My letter To Gov. Pawlenty

Dear Governor Pawlenty,
I am writing to ask you to line-item-veto the Safe Schools Levy tucked into HF 2245.

At first, this item was a bill named TeenScreen, but due to much controversy, it was then changed to "mental health screening" and now, after more controversy, it's called "suicide prevention tools".

Sir, the origins of Teen Screen come directly from Psychiatry as it is registered as a "Diagnostic Psychiatric Service".

That said, the sole basis for Psychiatry's ability to diagnose suicide comes from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Appallingly, The DSM IV, Psychiatry's most current issue, has absolutely no information, diagnostics or statistics on "Suicide".

It is not even in their index.

It is not in their alphabetical list of disorders as a "disorder".

Additionally, the profession of Psychiatry itself has had a runaway epidemic of suicides for decades - and only getting worse - amongst its own practitioners -which demonstrates they

1. do not know how to treat suicide amongst themselves

2. have no research, diagnostic findings or real knowledge of how to prevent suicide in anyone else.


3.To add to this problem, psychiatry has teamed up with large pharmaceutical companies who have been manufacturing drugs that now have to carry Black Box Warnings that they CAUSE suicide - and these are the drugs that will eventually be prescribed to those teens who come off the survey - including those with the screen's outrageously high percentage of false positives.

The current Teen Screen survey is a set of subjective questions that could not differentiate a normal teen from one who might commit suicide - and has consequently a higher percentage of false positive results.

And, although its initial goal was to find the potential suicide case, it is not finding suicide potentials but kids with anything from ADHD - NOT listed as suicidal in the DSM - to "Social Anxiety Disorder - NOT suicidal but able to be prescribed drugs for by being listed in the DSM!

These are what are coming off the survey, the NON suicidal "disorders" listed in the DSM that can then have drugs prescribed against the labels.

Hence, although Teen Screen claims it, itself, "does no diagnosing", they are by origin, a "Diagnostic psychiatric service" and are simply "laundering" the process of labeling kids with DSM disorders, not suicidal disorders as there is no such thing in their system - so that billions can be made in profit off the subjective results from a generalized survey.

Before Psychiatry attempts to salvage suicides in children (and kill many of them with psychotropic drugs), it should be able to eliminate suicide in its own profession as an example.

It should have a knowledge and understanding of the causes of suicide that have borne results in preventing it - rather than currently

NO such knowledge,

NO results

and drugs that CAUSE suicide!

This is dangerous, incompetent and unworkable in the extreme. - and should be the subject of a government inquiry - not allowed to infect the health and well being of our children and adolescents.

Please Line-Item-Veto the so-called Safe Schools Levy in HF 2245 and in so doing, keep our schools truly safe!

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

J S Via


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