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Why Shrinks Have Problems
By:Robert Epstein, Tim Bower

(From Psychology Today online)


In this below article, the above authors talk very openly about the complete lack of use of psychiatrists' and psychologists' therapy on themselves and the fact that they often are the one's needing the therapy and their clients get their time wasted by the therapist laying his/her burdens down! (oddly enough such therapists don't use their own psych "tech" - and are resistive to coercion by their colleagues! -but usually take to drinking, meditation etc instead!) - This is an article you might want to fully read as it is 100% admission and exposure of NO TECH OF THE MIND in these fields!

More importantly, though ,is THEIR OWN SUICIDE RATE which the below excerpt covers!

Why are they trying to do anything about suicide prevention - ala Teen Screen - when they have the highest rate of any profession???

The more one LOOKS, the more one finds outlandish and outrageous contradictions of common sense!

It almost hurts it's so blatant!


"In a 1968 hospital study, psychiatrists reported reacting to patient suicides with feelings of "guilt and self-recrimination." Others considered the suicide to be "a direct act of spite" or said it was like being "fired." Whatever the reaction, the emotional toll is great.Bruno Bettelheim. Paul Federn. Wilhelm Stekel. Victor Tausk. Lawrence Kohlberg. Perhaps you recognize one or two of the names. They're all prominent mental health professionals who, like Freud, committed suicide.

"All too often the stresses of work and everyday life lead mental health professionals down this path. According to psychologist David Lester, Ph.D., director of the Center for the Study of Suicide, mental health professionals kill themselves at an abnormally high rate.

"Indeed, highly publicized reports about the suicide rate of psychiatrists led the American Psychiatric Association to create a Task Force on Suicide Prevention in the late 1970s. A study initiated by that task force, published in 1980, concluded that

"psychiatrists commit suicide at rates about twice those expected [of physicians]"

and that

"the occurrence of suicides by psychiatrists is quite constant year-to-year, indicating a relatively stable over-supply of depressed psychiatrists."

No other medical specialty yielded such a high suicide rate."


At 8:58 AM, Blogger said...

I'm not sure what you're getting at here. Yes, mental health professionals have a high rate of suicide. So do police and people in other high stress professions. But that has no implications for their ability to help other suffering people. A physician suffering from cancer can still be an excellent physician.

At 5:36 PM, Blogger Jack Via said...

Dear Dr Epstein,
The comoparisson of suicide to cancer assumes they are both diseases. Suicide is not listed in the DSM IV as a disorder or mental illness or disease. In fact, suicide is not mentioned as a study at ALL in the DSM!

A doctor trying to help someone with cancer at least uses known knowledge of what it is from results of research and remedies like chemo and other therapy. There have been no such developements in psychiatry and they are as ignorant as their "patients" as to what to do to prevent it.

Their drugs CAUSE SUICIDE!

Psychiatry, unlike the doctor with cancer trying to help others with cancer, is UNQUALIFIED AND IGNORANT of what to do about suuicide.

The comparisson is also incorrect in another way: If one knew what to do about suicide to prevent it is NOT true they would be unable to prevent it in themselves as might be the case in cancer.

Suicide, not being a physical disease, is psychosomatic and comes from thinkingness that can be sorted out by confronting the thinkingness - with no need for physical address or medicine.According to the DSM IV itself NO RESEARCH has provben ANY of the disorders listed in it to be of chemical or biological origin. They yet perpetuate a false implication to the opposite - a lie - that bipolar, schizophrenia et al are bio chemical when they admit they have no proof - after 40 years of research and billions in government funding!

The fact psychiatrists not only commit suicide but refuse to use ther own psychiatric methodology ( they are more prone to resort to alcoholism, meditation, yoga than to use their own mental methods!) is proof that their own inability to keep themselves from committing suicide is coming from INCOMPETENCE to the handling of it.

They instead pretend to be helping while making billions selling drugs that cause suicide, putting out bogus surveys that can't differentiate a suicidal tendency from a normal tendency (they admit an outrageous 84% false positive result!) and spreading destruction and ruin on innocent citizens and children - and this group is desparately trying to legislate mandated mental health bills which eventually will lead to laws to enforce their incompetent and killing drugs, or have wise and parents separated from the children for refusing to drug them, and healthy vital and sane adults abducted, put away and forced to be "treated" without any recourse or human or civil rights.

The real comparisson?

Psychiatry IS a CANCER on teens, children and adults and psychiatry will kill the more they are allowed to thrive!

I'm sorry you are having trouble with what I'm getting at.

It is hard to confront.

But these ARE the facts. And they will bear out.

And, Dr, you need to start looking closer at the DSM IV and asking questions of psychiatry and its bedfellow Big Pharma.

This is a cancer we CAN do something about - by LOOKING in their direction and demanding real answers, real solutions and justice on their killing and incompetence.


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